Maha Vidya Yoga and Ayurveda 200 Hour Teachers Training St Croix

This 200-Hour Teachers Training offers a comprehensive in-depth study of Yoga and Ayurvedic theory for aspiring students and seasoned teachers looking to gain proficient and tangible knowledge in the foundational subtleties of practice through an advanced exploration of asana, pranayama and meditation techniques. The foundation of this program will be rooted in understanding and developing approaches to a safe and sustainable self-practice that once mastered will be naturally and easefully shared with future students as the practitioner blossoms beyond the personal stages of self-transformation into knowledgeable guides who hold space for others to realize their own inner evolutionary potential. This approach leads to confidence and accountability in self-development for the aspiring or seasoned yogin, maintaining the bedrock of the yogic approach to life, as well as nurturing the profound love and appreciation for the pursuit of self-knowledge through selfless service and unconditional love, from one’s interior terrain branching outward into our relationships with the world and interaction with the Nature of others and Life itself.   What will you gain from this program?    Knowledge of yogic lifestyle approachIndividualized self-practicesSequencing for yogic goalsTeaching multi-level classesAsana clinics (arm/leg/spine intensive interrogations)Creative asana/vinyasa/pranayama variationsApplied integration of vayus and greater/lesser bandhasGreater understanding of Maha Yoga (Hatha/Raja/Tantra etc)

Start Time: 
Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 8:00am to Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 8:00pm