Schooner Bay Market Place - CLOSED

1 Estate Mt Welcome
Christiansted VI
Neighborhood: Gallows Bay Accessible: Yes

Schooner Bay Market Place is St. Croix’s Premier Gourmet Market, offering only the best products and services. Conveniently located just outside of Christiansted on East End Road, Schooner Bay Market Place is your one-stop shop for groceries, deli, fresh produce, daily made baked goods, fresh meat and seafood, natural foods, and St. Croix’s only salad bar.

We proudly offer Grab and Go prepared foods, catering services, and the best picnic lunch you’ll ever have! Let us help you do all the provisioning you need for your vacation villa, boat or home. You can even download a shopping list to get started!

We’ll deliver food to your hotel, villa, or condo before you arrive!

We do easy, inexpensive Catering

MEAT DEPARTMENT: We don’t pre-pack meats. You choose the steak, the chop, the chicken you want and we wrap it for you. Plus, we cook anything we sell. Want a whole cooked Filet Mignon, Glazed Spiral Ham, or whole Roasted Turkey? Call us, we’ll bake it for you!

USDA Prime and Choice Grades
The Unites States Department of Agriculture uses terms like Prime, Choice, or Select to categorize beef. For suppliers who wish to have their beef graded, USDA inspectors carefully analyze for such attributes as maturity, marbling, and firmness. In the case of Prime beef, generous "marbling" throughout the meat gives it a somewhat less bright red appearance than most of us are used to (unless you're a chef). But those flecks of "crisp, white" fat make it so tender it's like butter melting on your tongue.

Prime Beef
The highest grade of beef, Prime is in very limited supply and rarely finds it's way to the supermarket - until now. Schooner Bay Market Place carries certain cuts of Prime beef, including Tenderloin, Rib Eye, Top Round, Top Butt, Dry-aged Rib Roasts, and Strips.

Choice Cut Beef
Choice (and Select) beef are the grades found most at grocery stores. Schooner Bay Market Place offers Choice, the higher quality grade of the two, with great beef flavor and juiciness. It is graded for tenderness and a good amount of marbling for tender, juicy, flavor cuts, and is more economical than Prime.

Angus Beef
Most meat experts agree that the best tasting beef comes from the most prized cattle - Angus. Descended from Scottish bulls imported to the U.S. in the 1880's, the Angus breed is renowned for its taste and tenderness. We're the only place where you'll find CERTIFIED Angus beef meticulously raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones so it tastes the way nature intended.

SEAFOOD DEPARTMENT: Although we do sell frozen seafoods, we PRIDE ourselves by being the only store in the Virgin Islands that buys whole game fish from local fisherman and breaks them down into boneless fillets. You will never have fresher Caribbean fish and cooked local Lobster then at Schooner Bay Market. Nowhere.

DELI DEPARTMENT: We sell Only Dietz & Watson deli meats and hard to find speciality cheeses. We sell Prosciutto and other hard to find Italian Meats and French Pate’s. Even New Yorker’s say our Sandwiches and Wraps are the Best they ever had!!! (VOTED BEST SANDWICHES IN ALL THE VIRGIN ISLANDS ! ) Our Deli staff are trained to make makes beautiful Deli Trays and Finger Sandwich Platters...



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